The Royal Burgh of Lanark Crest
Lanark Lanimers - One of Scotland's Oldest Traditions Lanimer Mascot - Larry Lanimer Mascot - Bonnie

An ancient celebration held within the Royal Burgh of Lanark on the Thursday between the Sixth and Twelfth days of June annually since the year 1140.

Lanimer Week In Outline


11.30am Procession leaves Harry Smith Centre via Woodstock Road, Bannatyne Street, High Street (South).
12 noon Kirkin' of the Lord Cornet-Elect, Stuart Wilson, in St Nicholas Parish Church.


6.00pm Perambulation of the Marches departs via Hope Street, Waterloo Road, Stey Brae.
7.15pm Display of Dancing at Lanark Cross, by Celia Orr School of Dancing (weather permitting).
7.50pm Lanimer Silver Club Draw by Mrs Aline Wilson, wife of Lord Cornet-Elect.
Equestrian and Perambulation Procession leaves from top of St Leonard Street.
8.15pm Shifting of the Standard of the Royal Burgh of Lanark Ceremony at Lanark Cross
  followed by Sashing of the Lord Cornet by Mrs Anne Brooks.
  Pinning of the Cornets' Club Badge on the Lord Cornet by Mrs Joan Waddell.
  Award of Jimmy Hamilton Memorial Shield to best turned out young rider and pony.
8.35pm End of Ceremony. Cornets Club will lead community in singing 'Scots Wha Hae'
9.00pm Lord Cornet's Reception in St Nicholas Church Hall.


4.30pm LORD CORNET'S OFFICIAL RIDE OUT: Safe Oot Safe In at The Cross then riders set off for first part of the Ride via High Strreet (North), South Vennel, Delves Park and Castlebank.
6.00pm Riders return to Delves Park, heading for New Lanark and riding through towards the Beeches. The Front party will take the tradition route via Whitelees Road to the Golf Course, through the Loch Car park to the Country Park car park, where they will meet up with the other riders.
Traditional Lanimer Chases at Racecourse.
7.40pm (approx) Riders leave for March Stones at Robiesland and Clearburn, then on to New Lanark.
8.20pm (approx) Welcome from New Lanark Community Council to President of Lord Cornets' Club.
8.30pm (approx) Presentation of New Lanark 'Loving Cup' to Lanimer Queen-Elect, Presentation of prizes for Horse Races. Vote of thanks from President of Lord Cornets' Club.
8.50pm Ride out proceeds via Braxfield Lodge, Braxfield and Hollow Park to Delves Park.


  Final touches for Lanimer Lorries and Decorated Houses.


8.15am Lord Cornet Stuart Wilson and Ex-Lord Cornets process from his home via Hope Street, Bloomgate, High Street, Woodstock Road to Harry Smith Car Park.
8.30am Arrival for "Safe Oot, Safe In" Toast by Provost of South Lanarkshire, in Harry Smith Centre.
9.00am Assembly and judging of Lanimer entries: top of St Leonard Street and adjacent streets.
9.10am Cornets' Equestrian Procession proceed to Bloomgate via Woodstock Road, Kenilworth Road (Shand's opening), St Leonard Street, Kildare Road, Gallowhill Road, Cleghorn Road, Hope Street.
9.30am Non-riding Ex-Lord Cornets, Dignitaries proceed from Harry Smith Centre to Stanmore Avenue.
9.30am Massed bands lead Lord Cornet's Equestrian Procession from Bloomgate to Highburgh Avenue, via High Street (North) and St Leonard Street.
10.00am Lord Cornet Stuart Wilson leads Morning Procession from St Leonard Street.
Crowning of Niamh Shanks, Lanimer Queen for 2012.
12 noon Castlebank Park events begin for all the family.
1.40pm Lord Cornet's Foot Procession leaves for Castlegate from Ladyacre Road with massed bands.
2.00pm Lord Cornet's Equestrian Lanimer Ride Out musters at Delves Park for a 2.20pm start.
5.15pm Evening Spectacular at Lanark Cross and Lord Cornet begins procession to the Cross.
5.30pm Lord Cornet's Declaration at Lanark Cross.
7.30pm Lanimer Queen's Reception in Greyfriars Church.


7.30pm Lanimer Queen's Reception in Greyfriars Church.


7.00pm Lanimer Ball at Lanark Auction Market from 7pm.


The Lanimer Quaich: Invitation Mixed Pairs, Lanark Thistle Bowling Club, Castlehill.
  The Lanimer Trophy: Open Mixed Foursomes Golf Tournament, Lanark Golf Course.