The Royal Burgh of Lanark Crest
Lanark Lanimers - One of Scotland's Oldest Traditions Lanimer Mascot - Larry Lanimer Mascot - Bonnie

An ancient celebration held within the Royal Burgh of Lanark on the Thursday between the Sixth and Twelfth days of June annually since the year 1140.

The Chairman of the Lanimer Committee

Lanimer Week means different things to different people. For the Lanimer Committee and the sponsors of procession entries it means an enormous amount of hard work. For the children it is a magical week which rivals any visit to Disneyland. For the older people in our community it could be the sense of continuity engendered by the annual re-enactment of an ancient celebration which dates back to 1140. For the Lanimer principals - the Lord Cornet, the Lanimer Queen, the Champion, the Crowning Lady and the Sashing Lady - it will be feelings of honour, pride and excitement. What I like best about the Lanimers is the way it develops community spirit and encourages people, young and old, to lend a hand and be involved.

To all Lanarkians, by birth or adoption, and to all who join us from far and wide in Lanimer Week, I ask you to share in our town's pride and excitement, and wish you all a 'Happy Lanimers'.

Sylvia Russell
Chairman Lanimer Committee