The Royal Burgh of Lanark Crest
Lanark Lanimers - One of Scotland's Oldest Traditions Lanimer Mascot - Larry Lanimer Mascot - Bonnie

An ancient celebration held within the Royal Burgh of Lanark on the Thursday between the Sixth and Twelfth days of June annually since the year 1140.


25th May 2016 Lanimer Brochure
The Lanimer Committee are pleased to announce that the 2016 Lanimer Brochure will be on sale from numerous outlets around the town. [More]
16th May 2016 Lanark Lanimer Committee : Registered Charity No SC046546
The office bearers are pleased to announce, on behalf of all its members, that Lanark Lanimer Committee is now on the Scottish Charity Register. [More]
12th May 2016 Lanimer Equestrian Events
All riders wishing to participate in the equestrian events of Lanimer Week are required to register in advance. [More]
12th May 2016 Lanimer Balloon Race
"The Great Lanimer Balloon Race" is being launched on Saturday 14 May 2016, to raise funds for Lanark's spectacular Lanimer Day activities. [More]
8th May 2016 Lanimer Balloon Race
Let's hope today's beautiful weather lasts through to next Saturday's balloon launch, to raise funds for our spectacular Lanimer Day activities. [More]
2nd May 2016 Sashing Ladies Gathering
These photos show previous Sashing Ladies gathering for their annual meeting. [More]
2nd May 2016 Lanimer Balloon Race
Still time to get your Lanimer Balloon Race entry completed. [More]
2nd May 2016 Youth Ride Out
The Lord Cornetsí Club are pleased to announce that this years annual Youth Ride will take place on Friday the 3rd of June, leaving Lanark Racecourse car park at 6.15pm. [More]
2nd May 2016 Castlebank Park
With only a few weeks to go until Lanimer Day we have some exciting news ... [More]
28th April 2016 Lanimer Week 2016
Here's an outline of the weeks events and a programme of Lanimer day to whet your appetite!! [More]
25th April 2016 Lanimer Judges 2016
Exciting News ..... [More]
22nd March 2016 Death of Ex-Lord Cornet Ian Gray
A memorial service celebrating the life of Ex-Lord Cornet Ian Gray will be held at Christ Church, Hope Street Lanark, on Thursday 24th March at 2pm. [More]
22nd March 2016 Decorated Window Competition
A reminder to all local shops and businesses that the decorated window theme this year will be the 2016 Olympics, as chosen by Lord Cornet Elect Gordon Jess. [More]
10th March 2016 Death of Ex-Lord Cornet Ian Gray
It is with great sadness that The Lord Cornets' Club have to advise that Ex-Lord Cornet Ian Gray has sadly passed away. [More]
2nd March 2016 Sashing Lady 2016 Selected
Grace Abernethy selected as Sashing Lady for 2016. [More]
19th February 2016 Lord Cornets' Club AGM
Ex-Lord Cornet Geoff Smith elected President of Lord Cornets' Club for 2016. [More]
7th February 2016 Crowning Lady 2016 Selected
Julie Cox selected as Crowning Lady for 2016. [More]
3rd February 2016 Lord Cornet Elect Colours
Lord Cornet Elect Gordon Jess has selected Navy Blue, Silver and Purple as his colours for 2016. Navy Blue for the Lord Cornets' Club, Silver for the Lanark Silver Bell, and Purple for Robert Owen Memorial Primary School.
21st January 2016 Lanimer Court 2016
Scott MacLaren from Stanmore House School has been selected to present the flowers to the Crowning Lady on Lanimer Day 2016.
21st January 2016 Lanimer Queen Elect 2016 Selected
Morgan Shillan has been selected as Lanimer Queen Elect for 2016.
21st January 2016 Lanimer Court 2016 Selected
The Lanimer Court for 2016 has now been selected. [More]
10th January 2016 Lord Cornet Elect 2016 Selected
Gordon Jess has been selected as Lord Cornet Elect for 2016.