The Royal Burgh of Lanark Crest
Lanark Lanimers - One of Scotland's Oldest Traditions Lanimer Mascot - Larry Lanimer Mascot - Bonnie

An ancient celebration held within the Royal Burgh of Lanark on the Thursday between the Sixth and Twelfth days of June annually since the year 1140.


23rd November 2015 Seasonal Lanimer Film Show
A Seasonal Lanimer Film Show takes place at Stanmore House School on Saturday 28th November at 7.30pm. [More]
23rd November 2015 Lanimer Illuminated Procession
Great chance to see Disney style parade, come along to Lanark High Street for 7pm on Friday 27th November, support your local shops and see a new spectacle for Lanark, an illuminated mini procession. [More]
11th June 2015 Lanimer Results 2015
The Lanimer Procession and other results are as follow. [More]
11th June 2015 Lanimer Queen Crowned
Jenna Bruce crowned as Lanimer Queen for 2015 by Carolyn Graham.
10th June 2015 Lanimer Artefacts Shop Trail
The Lanimer Artefacts Shop Trail is free to take part in, with some lovely prizes for the winners. [More]
8th June 2015 Lord Cornet Installed
Gordon Gray installed as Lord Cornet for 2015, receiving his Sash from Eleanor McLean and Gold Badge from Hazel Lean.
5th June 2015 Wallace Shield and Vancouver Shield
The Wallace Shield and Vancouver Shield will be in the Procession, nearer the front, behind the Birks. [More]
23rd March 2015 Lanimer Meet and Greet
Lanimer Committee members are reminded about the Lanimer Meet and Greet on Friday 27th March at the Tolbooth at 7:30pm. [More]
4th March 2015 Lanark Lanimer Week
Leaflets are now available for Lanark Lanimer Week and Lanimer Week 2015. [More]
20th February 2015 Lord Cornets' Club AGM
Ex-Lord Cornet Kenny Lean elected President of Lord Cornets' Club for 2015. [More]
4th February 2015 Sashing Lady 2015 Selected
Eleanor McLean selected as Sashing Lady for 2015. [More]
3rd February 2015 Lanimer Procession 2015
Have you ever thought of putting out a Lanimer Lorry? The Lanimer Committee always welcomes newcomers to the procession big or small, all are welcome!  [More]
24th January 2015 Crowning Lady 2015 Selected
Carolyn Graham selected as Crowning Lady for 2015. [More]
16th January 2015 Lanimer Court 2015
Kyle Stanfield from Stanmore House School has been selected to present the flowers to the Crowning Lady on Lanimer Day 2015. [More]
15th January 2015 Lanimer Queen Elect 2015 Selected
Jenna Bruce has been selected as Lanimer Queen Elect for 2015. [More]
15th January 2015 Lanimer Court 2015 Selected
The Lanimer Court for 2015 has now been selected. [More]
3rd January 2015 Lord Cornet Elect 2015 Selected
Gordon Gray has been selected as Lord Cornet Elect for 2015. [More]