The Royal Burgh of Lanark Crest
Lanark Lanimers - One of Scotland's Oldest Traditions Lanimer Mascot - Larry Lanimer Mascot - Bonnie

An ancient celebration held within the Royal Burgh of Lanark on the Thursday between the Sixth and Twelfth days of June annually since the year 1140.

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12th June 2014 Lanimer Queen Crowned
Paige McCulloch crowned as Lanimer Queen for 2014 by Agnes Robb.
9th June 2014 Lord Cornet Installed
David Murdoch installed as Lord Cornet for 2014, receiving his Sash from Helen McCall and Gold Badge from May Dickman.
4th June 2014 Lanimer Kids Go Free - New Lanark Visitor Centre
New Lanark World Heritage Site is delighted to announce that from Lanimer Day 2014 until the 31st July 2014, children under the age of 16 who have been awarded a Lanimer Medal in this year's Lanark Lanimer Celebrations will gain free entry into New Lanark Visitor Centre when accompanied by a paying adult. [More]
18th June 2014 Lanark Lanimer Committee - General Committee Meeting (Post Lanimers)
7:30pm, Lesser (Jerviswood) Hall, Memorial Hall, Lanark.
24th June 2014 Lord Cornets' Club Meeting
7:30pm, Crown Tavern, Lanark.
7th October 2014 Lord Cornets' Club Meeting
7:30pm, Crown Tavern, Lanark.

Lanimer Day 2015 - Thursday 11th June
Lanimer Week 2015 - Sunday 7th to Saturday 13th June
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