Royal Proclamation

Whereas it has come to our knowledge that many of our faithful and devoted subjects desire to know our Royal mind concerning divers important questions, we do desire that our Royal will and pleasure be promulgated, set forth, and made know in the following Proclamation:

  • That all our subjects strive to live in peace, charity and goodwill, one towards the other;
  • That a love of truth be cherished;
  • That a respectful and ready obedience be given to all parents, teachers, and those in authority;
  • That all animals in all places in our dominion shall be kindly treated;
  • That no birds shall be maimed and that none of their nests shall be molested;

That, lastly, all our faithful and devoted subjects appear before us each year at our Lanimer Festival, and that any person found guilty of disobeying these provisions shall incur our Royal displeasure.

Given at our Court at Lanark this sixth day of June, in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Nineteen.

Olivia, Lanimer Queen