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Lord Cornet 2007

Brian R. Ross
The Lord Cornet’s
Right-Hand Man
Kenneth Douglas
The Lord Cornet’s
Left-Hand Man
Tom Waddell


BRIAN ROSS lives in Hardacres with his wife Katrina and two daughters, Katie(13) and Allyson(10). He is a principal sheep auctioneer for Lawrie and Symington at the Lanark Agricultural Centre. He has long been involved in the equestrian side of Lanimers. Now aged 47 he first started in 1974 when he was chosen as an outrider, when Leslie Morris was Lanimer Queen and Jimmy Hamilton was Lord Cornet. Since then he has ridden in all Lanimer ride outs and has recently been joined by his two daughters, so this year promises to be a real equestrian family celebration.

Brian is a stalwart of Lanark and Upperward Pony Club, as a member until 1980, and since then a Committee member, treasurer and now Assistant District Commissioner. He took over as Coach to the Prince Philip Cup Games Team in 1982 and has guided them to be one of the top teams in the country, coaching a number of riders to international level. In 1995 he was chosen to coach the Scotland Team at the prestigious Royal Windsor Horse Show, where, in 1996 they secured a victory, the first time for Scotland in 20 years. He continues to coach on a weekly basis where he is joined by his two daughters.

Brian is looking forward to his role as Lord Cornet and to leading Lanark’s annual celebrations, and not least its equestrian elements, flanked by his Right Hand and Left Hand Men, and followed by a committed team of ex-Lord Cornets, some of whom he has been riding behind for nearly thirty years, in his loyal equestrian support of the Lanimers. We hope a good number of them will join him as he looks forward also to representing the Royal Burgh at the other March Ridings during his year in office. Lanark wishes its Standard Bearer a memorable year as Lord Cornet.

Note: We are grateful to ex-Lord Cornet John Armstrong for the use of ‘Ambassador’, as Brian’s mount for our official photographs. ‘Will’, as he is affectionately known, seems to sense the occasion.