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Lord Cornet 2009

Kenneth R. Lean
The Lord Cornet’s
Right-Hand Man
John Dickman
The Lord Cornet’s
Left-Hand Man
Brian R. Ross


Born in Lanark, Lord Cornet Kenny Lean grew up in Symington. The son of a local nurseryman, Norman Lean, he went to York to study horticulture and landscape design. He moved to Lanark 16 years ago to work with Clydesdale District Council. He is now an Economic Development Team Leader, working on external funding for projects across South Lanarkshire.

Kenny is Past Chairman of Lanark and District Round Table, Chairman of Lanark Primary School Parent Group and a member of the Lanimer Committee and Lanark Guildry. He helps coach PI to P3 pupils at Biggar RFC, but his real passion is Formula 1. He supports the Brawn GP Team and will be watching them this year – when he can. Kenny has helped build several Kranal Club Lanimer entries and has participated in guises from a wizard to a Teddy Boy!

Kenny and his family are looking forward to the busy year ahead. Hazel’s brother-in-law, Alistair Stewart A Fire Brigade Crew Commander, will be his Lanimer Week Companion. Kenny will carry the Burgh Standard with pride, and looks forward to taking part in other Ridings. He and Hazel wish Lanark residents and visitors a very happy Lanimer Week.