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Lord Cornet 2000

Gordon J. McGregor
The Lord Cornet’s
Right-Hand Man
J. Lindsay Craig
The Lord Cornet’s
Left-Hand Man
James Forrest


GORDON McGREGOR of Ladyacre Road, is at 32 one of the youngest Lord Cornets to be chosen. Gordon is an accident investigator with the Traffic Department of Strathclyde Police but he is Lanark born and bred, with a long history, since his teens, of community work in the town. He and his wife Gillian have a little daughter Amy. They met as small children on a Lanimer lorry called ‘Gay Paree’. From his days with The Venture Scouts he has been involved with the children of Stanmore House School, helping with their special Caledonian Award work. For the past eight years he has helped to take Stanmore House pupils on adventure holidays. He has helped to raise a substantial amount of money for charity and is a member of the Wigwam Group. His hobbies are walking and off-road driving. Now a member of the Lanimer Committee he was an Outrider in 1982 and Queen’s Champion in 1983. We wish Gordon and his family a very happy Lanimer week.