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Lord Cornet 2010

Geoff Smith
The Lord Cornet’s
Right-Hand Man
Kenneth Lean
The Lord Cornet’s
Left-Hand Man
John Dickman


Geoff Smith was born in Edinburgh and moved to Warwickshire when he was 3. He went to school in Sutton Coalfield and has been back in Lanark for 17 years. A constable with Strathclyde Police for 15 years, 40 year-old Geoff was a ‘Daily Record’ winner of the ‘Emergency Services Hero Award’ and was also one of the winners of the inaugural Scottish Policing Awards.

40 year old Geoff has former roles as Captain of Lanark Rugby Club, a player in Lanark Cricket Club, Chair of Music in Lanark and Director of the Lanark Celtic Festival. Currently, he is a member of the Upperward Mountaineering Club and plays cricket for Biggar. He is a Leader with 2nd Lanark Scouts, a Duke of Edinburgh Award leader and a Prince’s Trust Adviser. Geoff is also a keen cyclist and mountain bike leader.

A member of Lanark Guildry Geoff has joined Lanark Lanimer Committee. A steward on the Marches route for 12 years he has also helped sell Lanimer brochures. He is enthusiastic about developing his riding skills and is looking forward to Lanimer Week, with his wife, Jane and son Jonathan, a keen Beaver Scout who enjoys judo and golf. We all wish Geoff a memorable year as Lord Cornet of our Royal and Ancient Burgh, and ‘Happy Lanimers 2010!’