Perambulation of the Marches

Monday – The Perambulation of the Marches followed by the Shifting of the Standard at the Cross.

Regarded by many Lanarkians as their favourite day of the week, the Perambulation of the Marches dates back to 1752, until then riders did the whole circuit on horseback during the one day. Due to an increase in the cropping of fields along the route it became difficult for the horsemen to pass without damaging the crops therefore the Perambulation was carried out at the start of the day. This continued until sometime after the mid 1800’s when the first part of the inspection was moved from the Thursday to the Monday of the same week. Nowadays starting in Hope Street at 6 p. m. and led by the Lord Cornet and Ex-Lord Cornets’ what can appear to be the whole town traverse the countryside to the north of the town checking along the way those march stones in this part of the Burgh. The actual numbers of those taking part can vary but in an average year there can be  around 1,000 to 1,500 participants walking a distance of about 8Km (over 3½ miles).


Riding of the Marches 1950


Scramble for coins at Leechford 1965


Cornets assemble at the County Buildings




Scramble at Leechford 2005


Rough terrain




A March Stone inspected, 2005


Perambulators en route