Lanark during Lanimer Week is charged with an air of expectancy, excitement and enthusiasm. Each year brings something new – a new Lord Cornet, a new Lanimer Queen and a new procession, frequently with some old faces, and pageants and displays involving more and more people. Lanimer Day is, for many, the highlight of the week and the culmination of up to a years inspiration, application and perspiration. The Schools are closed, grown ups are off work and everyone is up early. The Procession is huge, the children in turn exited and tired, the adults tired and emotional. The festivities continue all day and well into the night – Lanarkians love Lanimers. Lanimer Week and Lanimer Day are not just for Lanarkians anyone is more than welcome to come and join in the fun. After all the best way to form your own impressions of one of Scotland’s Oldest Festivals is to take part in it!