2024 Lanimer Equestrian Events

The Lord Cornets’ Club is delighted to announce that registration for our 2024 Lanimer Equestrian events is now OPEN at the following link:


This year our events will include the following;

  • Lanimer Junior Rideout, Sunday 26th May, 1.30pm (from Lanark Country Moor Car Park).
  • The Perambulation of the Marches Equestrian Procession, Monday 3rd June, from 7.30pm (gathering at St Leonard Street near the Water Tower).
  • The Lanimer Rideout*, Tuesday 4th June, from 4pm (leaving from New Lanark Visitors Car Park).
  • The Lanimer Procession, Thursday 6th June.
  • The Lord Cornet’s Lanimer Afternoon Rideout*, Thursday 6th June, 2pm, leaving from Delves Park.

All riders can register via the link above. Registration for our events is mandatory and ensures we can safely operate our events.

Registration for the Junior Rideout, The Perambulation of the Marches Equestrian Procession and the Lanimer Procession is FREE.


* Due to rising operating costs, a £10 registration fee will apply to those registering for the Lanimer Rideout and Lanimer Afternoon Rideout. This fee is PER RIDER, so those attending both rideouts will only need to pay £10.

This fee ensures that we operate a safe rideout with appropriate levels of first aid cover in attendance.

It is also the responsibility of each rider to ensure that they hold appropriate rider and horse insurance to participate in our events.

We hope you are able to join us for another fantastic week of equestrian events.

Safe Out & Safe In to all those taking part!