Lanimer Court 2023 – Applications for Selection

Would your child like a chance to take a major roll in our historic celebrations in 2023?

Online application forms for the 2023 Lanimer Court have now been passed on to our local schools and have been issued to parents / guardians of all eligible pupil via emails and school apps.
All application forms should be completed by returned by 7pm on Saturday 31st December 2022

This year, the 2023 Lanimer Queen Elect** will be selected from P7 of Kirkfieldbank Primary School. 

The full allocation of court characters to schools is as follows;

  • P7 – 2 girls from each Primary School
  • S1 – 2 girls
  • P7 – Boys minimum of 1 from each school
  • S1-S4 Total of 7 Boys
  • P7 – Kirkfieldbank Primary ONLY – additional 3 girls – Lanimer Queen Elect** and Chief Maids
  • P2 – Kirkfieldbank Primary ONLY – 2 Page Boys

If your child is eligible for an application for next years court, but you have not received link to the online application form, please see the following links for details on how to apply;

1 – Lanimer Court General Conditions of Consent

2 – Lanimer Court Application form 2023

Please only submit an application if you believe your child is eligible.

Should you have any queries on the above or on any of the documentation issued from the schools, please email;

**Applicants for the Lanimer Queens role MUST live within a boundary from 3 miles of the front door of St Nicholas Parish Church, an approximate illustration of this boundary can be viewed HERE.

ALL addresses for applications for the 2023 Lanimer Queen role will be checked against this boundary.

Lanimer Queen’s Reception 2022 – Tickets on sale NOW!

The last Lanimer Queen’s Reception was held in 2019

After a 2 year break, the Lanimer Queen’s Reception returns for our 2022 Lanimer Week on Friday the 10th of June in Lanark Memorial Hall at 7pm.

Come along and see out 2022 Lanimer Court perform their Court Dances and enjoy an evening of entertainment from our Lanimer Entrants. Prizes will also be presented to Lanimer Entrants on the night too.

Tickets are on sale now from 9am this morning (Tuesday 19th April) from the Memorial Hall Box office, priced £7 for Adults and £4 for Concessions either in person or over the phone on 01555 673 199.

Tickets can also be purchased via the website at the following link;’s%20reception/events

Lanimer Brochure 2022 Advertising

The Lanimer Committee is pleased to offer sales of adverts within the 2022 edition of our ever popular and collectable Lanimer brochure to local businesses and groups.

The Lanimer Brochure is a key source of fund raising revenue for the Lanimer Committee and makes a significant contribution to the running costs of our annual festivities. The 2022 Lanimer Brochure will be on sale from the 22rd of May and has a reach of approximately 10,000 readers within Lanark and the surrounding areas, providing great visibility of your business within the local community.

The Lanimer Brochure is a key source of fundraising for our annual celebrations

Adverts are priced at the following competitive rates;

  • Full Page (colour / internal) @ £300
  • Half Page (colour / internal) @ £150
  • Quarter Page (colour / internal) @ £100
  • Inside front / rear Cover, (2 available) @ **SOLD**
  • Rear Cover (1 available) @ **SOLD**

The above rates are based on print ready artwork being provided by advertisers. 

Adverts previously contained within the last years brochure will be re-used at no additional cost to advertisers. New artwork can be created by the Lanimer Publicity team for and additional charge of £30 per advert.

Adverts are allocated on a first come first served basis. With a limited number of pages available, please ensure you get in touch ASAP to secure a space.

To allow for page setting & development of the 2022 Brochure – ALL ADVERTS MUST BE PAID BY APRIL 15th

Should you wish to advertise in our 2022 Brochure, please fill out the online form below;


Lanimer Brochure 2022 Advert (Please select)

I acknowledge that full payment of adverts by Friday 15th April 2022 is required to ensure inclusion in the Brochure

Crowning Lady 2022 Selected

The Lanimer Committee are delighted to announce that this year’s Crowning Lady will be Karen Brown.

Karen is a well known member of the Lanimer Committee and has been Court Convener for the last 12 years, having joined the Committee in 1988.

She has been also leading member of Lanark Panto Club for a number of years, having served as its producer for 12 years, as well as taking to the stage in numerous leading roles.

Karen is also a driving force behind ‘The Broons’ Lanimer Lorries which contribute to the spectacle of our annual Lanimer Processions.

We would like to wish Karen and her friends and family a VERY Happy Lanimers and hope they have a wonderful time.

2022 Crowning Lady Karen Brown
Chairman of the Lanimer Committee Ex Lord Cornet Kenny Lean and 2022 Crowning Lady Karen Brown

Lanimer Court 2022 Selected

After a busy day visiting the various schools around the town, the Lanimer Committee are very pleased to announce the selection of the 2022 Lanimer Court.

This years court will be our biggest court EVER as we include our 2020 / 2021 Primary 7’s (who now attend Lanark Grammar School) within our 2022 Lanimer Queen’s Court.

May be an image of person, child, standing and outdoors
Lanimer Queen Elect 2022 Caitlin Stewart

We are delighted to announce the following roles were selected in the various draws;

Lanark Primary School

LANIMER QUEEN ELECT,                Caitlin Stewart

CHIEF MAID,                                       Millie Bruce

CHIEF MAID,                                       Olivia Jack

LADY IN WAITING,                           Macy Brownlie

LADY IN WAITING,                           Charlotte Harding

CROWN,                                               Lucas Bruce

PAGE,                                                    Theo George Beattie

PAGE,                                                    Harvey Brown

YEOMAN,                                            Noah Baskerville

YEOMAN,                                            Charlie Grubb

Lanark Grammar School

1ST LORD,                                           Jamie Dickie

2ND LORD,                                          Christopher Waugh

CHAMPION,                                       Lewis Hannah

GUARD,                                                Alfie Donoghue

GUARD,                                                Gregor McFerran

GUARD,                                                Jack Carrington

GUARD,                                                Kyle Lumley

OUTRIDER,                                          Camron Barr

OUTRIDER,                                          Marky Ritchie

OUTRIDER,                                          Alex Orr

OUTRIDER,                                          Ben Parker

LADY IN WAITING,                           Lucy Barr

LADY IN WAITING,                           Louisa Wilson

LGS (formerly Lanark Primary)

LADY IN WAITING,                           Teagan Quigley

LADY IN WAITING,                           Sophie Rebecca Lockhart

LGS (formerly New Lanark)

LADY IN WAITING,                           Kelsey Simpson

LADY IN WAITING,                           Megan Gardiner

LGS (formerly Robert Owen)

LADY IN WAITING,                           Brook McMinn

LADY IN WAITING,                           Sophie Romer

LGS (formerly St Mary’s)

LADY IN WAITING,                           Iona Amelie Hynds

LADY IN WAITING,                           Shannon Davidson

Kirkfieldbank Primary School

LADY IN WAITING,                           Zoe Howat

LADY IN WAITING,                           Ariana Morgan Pate

PROCLAMATION BEARER,             Kayden Watson

SWORD BEARER,                               Gary Putman

New Lanark Primary School

LADY IN WAITING,                           Mia Jo Liddell

LADY IN WAITING,                           Evie Hardie

SCEPTRE BEARER,                             Kaiden mason

St Mary’s Primary School

LADY IN WAITING,                           Ava O’Donnell

LADY IN WAITING,                           Natalie Wilson

HERALD,                                               Calum McCulloch

HERALD,                                               Ross Neilson

Robert Owen Memorial Primary School

LADY IN WAITING,                           Rose MacDonald

LADY IN WAITING,                           Jantra Stella Wedlock

We would like to wish all members of our 2022 court and their family & friends a VERY happy Lanimers!The Lanimer Committee would like to thank all involved in todays selections, particularly the teachers and staff at our local schools.

We would also like to give a special thank you to all the you people of our community who put themselves forward for our 2022 court, you are ALL a credit to your schools and helped make the day run very smoothly!