Lord Cornet’s Declaration 2020

Over the weekend of the 29th to 30th August, Lord Cornet Ian Douglas, accompanied by his front party and Lord Cornet Elect Derek McGuinness undertook the formal inspection of the boundary stones of our Royal Burgh.

This inspection of our March Stones was carried out in accordance with all current social distancing and mass public gathering regulations and with the full permission of land owners to inspect March Stones located on private property.

A video of this historic declaration, which continues an unbroken condition of our Royal Charter which has been carried out every year since 1140, is found found below.

We look forward to next years Lanimer Celebrations where we can hopefully return as a community to participate in our perambulation of the Marches.

Chairperson of Lanark Lanimer Committee and the townspeople of Lanark,

As Standard Bearer for this Royal and Ancient Burgh of Lanark, duly appointed in 2019, invested with the sash of office, and recognised as ongoing Custodian of the Burgh Standard during 2020, when all official Lanimer Week events were cancelled  due  to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, I have the honour to report to you that I have duly inspected the March Stones of the Royal Burgh in the company of four witnesses who are members of both Lanark Lanimer Committee and The Lord Cornets’ Club. (This was carried out over two days, during the summer months, without breaking any current legal restrictions on group gathering).

Accompanied by these witnesses I inspected March Stones in these places – the March Stone at Mousemill Brig, the March Stone in the River Mouse at Glenburnie, the March Stone in the lands of Glenburnie, the three March Stones in the lands of Jerviswood, the March Stone at Oakwood, the March Stone at Leechford, the March Stones upriver from Leechford, the March Stones in the lands of Bonnington. Further, the witnesses and I inspected the limits of the Marches along the highway, formerly the old Roman road from Lanark, to the boundary through Huntlyhill Mains Farm, from thence along the highway past the Turning of the Staff to Lanark Racecourse, and from the Racecourse to the Cross at Lanark. I have the honour to report that none of these stones has been molested and that there has been no interference with the ancient boundaries of the Royal Burgh, and that I have duly discharged my duties once again, in this respect.

Ian W Douglas, Lord Cornet of the Royal and Ancient Burgh of Lanark for 2019 and as said Custodian during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. ”  

A ‘Lockdown look back at Lanimers’ – Week 1: 1985

We hope all our friends and supporters are safe and well in these difficult times.

At 8.15pm this evening, and every coming Thursday over the next 6 weeks, we will be taking a look back down ‘Lanimer Memory lane’ with the Premiere of a recently digitised video of Lanimer Day from the the 1980’s on wards.

Over the next 6 Thursdays, a “new” video will be released every at 8.15pm on the lead up to what would of been our now cancelled Lanimer Week 2020.

We hope these nostalgic memories from the 80’s, 90’s and ‘noughties’ will bring some comfort to our followers in these difficult times.

First up is a trip back 35 year as we take a ‘lockdown look back’ at Lanimer Day 1985.

Our Lanimer Queen Cheryl Reilly was Crowned by Miss Grizel Rankin. Our Lanimer Procession was led by Lord Cornet John Armstrong.

Shown below is a scan of the original pull-out from the 1985 Lanimer Brochure detailing all the entries in the Procession. How many can you remember?

No photo description available.
Lanimer Procession Programme – 6th June 1985

Stay tuned till the very end of the video – there is a special extra of the National news coverage of the day; something that used to happen every year! A huge thanks to Cheryl’s Mum and Dad, Joy and Brian for helping us with this footage!

Do you spot anyone in the procession, court or crow that you recognise? If so – please feel free to share this vidoe share with them!

Have you any special memories of Lanimer Day 1985 – If so, we would love you to share them with us via our social media pages.

Remember – the link below goes live at 8.15pm tonight (30th April 2020), we hope you enjoy!

Please check out our Official YouTube channel for lots more Lanimer content

Lanimer Day Procession & Crowning – 1985


Lanark Lanimer Committee Executive met on Wednesday evening, 18 March 2020, to take decisions on behalf of the Lanimer Committee regarding the impact of the current COVID-19 crisis on Lanark’s 2020 Lanimer celebrations.

We appreciate that the latest advice published by the Scottish and UK Governments on COVID-19, and the limiting of social contact has profound implications for our community activities. With that in mind Lanark Lanimer Committee has taken the difficult decision to cancel all Lanimer Events for 2020.

We feel that this is the only course of action open at this time, to protect our precious community. We understand also the pressure on our vital emergency services and believe also that to reschedule activities would put additional strain on their resources.

We realise that you were looking forward to June, as we were, and will have put many plans in place but, as you know, the situation is totally outwith our control. All principals for 2020, including our Lord Cornet-elect, Crowning Lady, Sashing Lady and the Lanimer queen-elect and her court will carry forward to 2021.

We would hope that all of the above will take part in 2021 celebrations and shall issue details concerning this in due course, along with plans for 2021 celebrations.

We hope everyone in our community stays safe through this crisis and shall keep you up to date later in the year.

Ex-Lord Cornet John Dickman, Chair of Lanark Lanimer Committee, and all its members.

Coronavirus – Lanimer Committee Statement 10/03/20

Coronavirus: Implications for Lanimer Week Preparations

Preparations for this year’s Lanimer events are under way, as planned. As the current circumstances continue to evolve Lanark Lanimer Committee will continue to follow the Government’s lead, direction and, when and if required, instruction, to ensure we work with all involved, and with the town itself, to effect the safety of us all.

For now we shall continue with our planning schedule for a spectacular Lanimer Week 2020 and shall keep everyone up to date, promptly, on any changes we may have to face.

We shall advise our members entrants, riders social media and local press as anticipated adjustments occur.

Ex-Lord Cornet John Dickman, Chair,
Lanark Lanimer Committee

Sashing Lady 2020 Selected

The Lanimer Committee is delighted to announce that this years Sashing Lady will be Jean Gardner.

Jean has been a strong supporter of Lanark Rugby club for many years and has assisted in a variety of roles with the locals club. She has supported our annual celebrations through preparing the bouquets for the ladies of the Lanimer Court and by acting as a judge for decorated houses on a number of occasions.

Jean is delighted to be chosen to present Lord Cornet Elect Derek McGuinness with his sash of office on Marches night at The Cross.

We wish Jean and her family all the best for a very special Lanimer Week and hope they have a very Happy Lanimers!

Crowning Lady 2020 Selected

The Lanimer Committee is delighted to announce that this years Crowning Lady will be Sharon Hamilton.

Sharon has been a member of Lanark Primary Lanimer Committee for the past 15 years and is an active mum and fundraiser for Kirkfield United.

Sharon was crowned Lanimer Queen in 1987, representing New Lanark Primary.

This year is a double celebration for their family as her son Archie is Sword Bearer in the Lanimer Court.

Congratulations Sharon, we wish you and your family a very Happy Lanimers!

Champion 2020 Selected

The Lanimer Committee is delighted to announce that this years Champion will be Mackenzie Curran of Lanark Grammar School.

Congratulations Mackenzie, we hope you and your family have a very Happy Lanimers!

Lanimer Queen Elect 2020 Selected

The Lanimer Committee is delighted to announce that the Lanimer Queen Elect for 2020 will be Lacey Holmes of Robert Owen Memorial Primary School.

The Lanimer Committee would like to wish Lacey all the very best and hope that she and her family have a fantastic year and a very HAPPY LANIMERS!