Lanark Lanimer Committee Executive met on Wednesday evening, 18 March 2020, to take decisions on behalf of the Lanimer Committee regarding the impact of the current COVID-19 crisis on Lanark’s 2020 Lanimer celebrations.

We appreciate that the latest advice published by the Scottish and UK Governments on COVID-19, and the limiting of social contact has profound implications for our community activities. With that in mind Lanark Lanimer Committee has taken the difficult decision to cancel all Lanimer Events for 2020.

We feel that this is the only course of action open at this time, to protect our precious community. We understand also the pressure on our vital emergency services and believe also that to reschedule activities would put additional strain on their resources.

We realise that you were looking forward to June, as we were, and will have put many plans in place but, as you know, the situation is totally outwith our control. All principals for 2020, including our Lord Cornet-elect, Crowning Lady, Sashing Lady and the Lanimer queen-elect and her court will carry forward to 2021.

We would hope that all of the above will take part in 2021 celebrations and shall issue details concerning this in due course, along with plans for 2021 celebrations.

We hope everyone in our community stays safe through this crisis and shall keep you up to date later in the year.

Ex-Lord Cornet John Dickman, Chair of Lanark Lanimer Committee, and all its members.