Lanimer Week Road Closures 2024

To help plan ahead for travel arrangements for next week’s festivities, the following plans have been prepared which detail the approximate extent and timing of road closures for the various events during Lanimer Week.

 All times and extents are shown approximate and are provided for information only. These may be subject to minor changes by Police Scotland to meet their operational requirements during the events.

We hope these will assist those who need to drive in and around Lanark throughout the week.

1 – Kirkin’ of the Lord Cornet Elect, Sunday 2nd June

2 – The Perambulation of the Marches, Monday 3rd June

3 – The Lanimer Rideout, Tuesday 4th June

4 – Lanimer Day, Thursday 6th June

Lanimer Brochure 2024

After our delivery driver completed his drop offs this morning, the 2024 Lanimer Brochure is now available at the following outlets in the town:

  • D & A Weir, Wellgate
  • Feenans Keystore, Cleghorn Avenue
  • Jacks the Ironmonger, Hyndford Place
  • Jane and Senga Hair Design, South Vennel
  • Lanark Lifestyles, Thomas Taylor Avenue
  • Lanark Tolbooth, High Street
  • McKellars The Jewellers, High Street
  • Mezza Hair Design & Beauty, St Leonard Street
  • Morrisons Daily, Bannatyne Street
  • Morrisons Supermarket, St Vincent Place
  • Spar, High Street
  • Sweet Occasions, High Street
  • Tariq Newsagents, Bloomgate
  • Tesco Supermarket, Gallowhill Road

We would like to thank our local businesses very much for supporting our Lanimer Celebrations by agreeing to sell our Lanimer Brochure.

If you’ve not already got your copy, pop along and get your Lanimer Brochure now!


In advance of Lanimer Week 2024, the Lanimer Committee has been hard at work planning our various events for our Lanimer Celebrations.

With regards to the 2024 Perambulation of the Marches, as part of our preparatory works a number of access and safety issues have been identified with a short section of the Perambulation route which will require, for this year only, the diversion of the Perambulation route as follows.

  • The Perambulation will commence at the County Buildings, Hope Street at 6pm prompt.
  • The Perambulation will follow along Hope Street to Waterloo Road.
  • At the junction of Waterloo Road with Waterloo Drive, the route will turn right and proceed to the junction with Bellefield Road.
  • At Bellefield Road the route will turn left, along Bellefield Road towards Jerviswood.
  • Along Bellefield Road the route will be directed by stewards towards the Marchstone in the grounds of properties at Jerviswood, looping around, and then continuing along Bellefield Road following our traditional route towards the River Mouse at Leechford.

The Lanimer Committee would respectfully request that all those participating in the Perambulation follow, for this year only, the revised route and avoid the traditional route via the Stey Brae and Woodend.

The Lanimer Committee would also kindly like to remind those Perambulating the Marches that a number of sections of the route pass through private grounds, where access is granted by landowners through agreement with the Lanimer Committee on the night of the Perambulation only.

Members of the public should not attempt to access these parts of the route outwith the evening of the Perambulation and are asked to respect the privacy of landowners and residents. We would also kindly request that those perambulating please ensure that all litter is disposed of responsibly and that any dog mess is removed.

The ancient tradition of inspecting our March Stones within the River Mouse at the “Ducking Stane” and within Woodend will still be carried out by our Lord Cornet and his front party support. The Ducking Stane will be inspected prior to the Perambulation and the Woodend stone will be inspected as part of the Perambulation Route.

Whilst we are disappointed that there is a need to divert the route of this years Perambulations, you can be assured that the Lanimer Committee are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that our traditional route will be reinstated next year, such that the the inhabitants of the Royal Burgh of Lanark carry out their heritable, irredeemable and inalienable right to Perambulate the route of the Marches of our Royal Burgh.

Plan of diversion at Jerviswood;

Lanimer Ball 2024

The Lord Cornets’ Club is delighted to announce that the following local companies are the proud sponsors of the 2024 Lanimer Ball.

  • Ardmore Financial Planning
  • AutoTech Lanark Ltd
  • CMC Design Ltd
  • Executive Benefit Services (UK) Ltd
  • Lanark Boxing Club
  • Oilfast Fuel & Fleet Solutions Group
  • The Courtyard Wine Bar

The 2024 Lanimer Ball will be held at Lanark Agricultural Centre on Saturday 8th June 2024, and will commence at 7:00pm for a 7:15pm start.

Tickets are priced at £55.00, with the musical entertainment being provided once again by “Michigan”.

Orders for tickets, along with menu choices, accompanied by the appropriate remittance, should be returned by Wednesday 8th May 2024 to confirm bookings.

If you would be interested in ordering tickets, please email for further details.

Bookings can also be made by visiting the following link:

2024 Lanimer Ball Tickets on sale NOW!

Please note that the event is for over 18’s only.

Decorated Shop Window Competition 2024

Lord Cornet Elect Kevin McNally has selected “Motorsport” as the theme for the 2024 Decorated Shop Window Competition.

Get into gear, and good luck!

2024 Lanimer Equestrian Events

The Lord Cornets’ Club is delighted to announce that registration for our 2024 Lanimer Equestrian events is now OPEN at the following link:

This year our events will include the following;

  • Lanimer Junior Rideout, Sunday 26th May, 1.30pm (from Lanark Country Moor Car Park).
  • The Perambulation of the Marches Equestrian Procession, Monday 3rd June, from 7.30pm (gathering at St Leonard Street near the Water Tower).
  • The Lanimer Rideout*, Tuesday 4th June, from 4pm (leaving from New Lanark Visitors Car Park).
  • The Lanimer Procession, Thursday 6th June.
  • The Lord Cornet’s Lanimer Afternoon Rideout*, Thursday 6th June, 2pm, leaving from Delves Park.

All riders can register via the link above. Registration for our events is mandatory and ensures we can safely operate our events.

Registration for the Junior Rideout, The Perambulation of the Marches Equestrian Procession and the Lanimer Procession is FREE.


* Due to rising operating costs, a £10 registration fee will apply to those registering for the Lanimer Rideout and Lanimer Afternoon Rideout. This fee is PER RIDER, so those attending both rideouts will only need to pay £10.

This fee ensures that we operate a safe rideout with appropriate levels of first aid cover in attendance.

It is also the responsibility of each rider to ensure that they hold appropriate rider and horse insurance to participate in our events.

We hope you are able to join us for another fantastic week of equestrian events.

Safe Out & Safe In to all those taking part!

McKellars Jewellers Gift to Lanimer Queen Elect

Lanimer Queen Elect Lacey Steele visited McKellars Jewellers earlier today to collect their gift of a pendant.

The Lanark Lanimer Committee would like to thank Ken Scott and the staff at McKellars for their kind generosity once again, and for their continued support for Lanimers.

2024 Lanimer Ball Tickets on sale NOW!

Join us on the evening of Saturday the 8th June 2024 at Lanark Agricultural Centre to celebrate the finale of Lanimer Week 2024 in style!

Tickets for the ever popular 2024 Lanimer Ball are NOW ON SALE, with bookings being taken via our online booking system.

Join us for a fantastic meal served by Gilbert and his team from Country Refreshments, followed by an evening of dancing and fun, being entertained by our returning band for 2024 “Michigan”.

The Lanimer Ball is always a fantastic way to celebrate a fantastic Lanimer Week with friends and family. Bookings are being taken for tables of 8 via our online booking system:

Bookings can also be made by post via using the printable form found at the following link:

Tickets are priced at £55 per person and include a premium 3 course meal from our menu shown below. All orders, including payment need to be returned by Wednesday 8th May to secure tickets.

We hope you can join us for what is sure to be a spectacular ending to Lanimer Week 2024!

Should you have an specific queries relating to the 2024 Lanimer Ball, please contact the Lord Cornets’ Club Lanimer Ball team at;

Sashing Lady 2024

The Lanark Lanimer Committee is delighted to announce that Janice Coulter has been selected as the Sashing Lady for 2024, and will sash our Lord Cornet on the Monday Night of Lanimer Week during the Shifting of the Burgh Standard Ceremony.

Janice is heavily involved in the Lanark Cancer Research Committee, and has helped raised thousands of pounds towards this. She is also Vice President of Lanark Inner Wheel.

Congratulations and Happy Lanimers!

(Photograph courtesy of Gordon Gray)

Lanimer Queen Elect 2024

The Lanark Lanimer Committee is delighted to announce that Lacey Steele from New Lanark Primary School has been selected as the Lanimer Queen Elect for 2024.