Lanimer Court 2022 Selected

After a busy day visiting the various schools around the town, the Lanimer Committee are very pleased to announce the selection of the 2022 Lanimer Court.

This years court will be our biggest court EVER as we include our 2020 / 2021 Primary 7’s (who now attend Lanark Grammar School) within our 2022 Lanimer Queen’s Court.

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Lanimer Queen Elect 2022 Caitlin Stewart

We are delighted to announce the following roles were selected in the various draws;

Lanark Primary School

LANIMER QUEEN ELECT,                Caitlin Stewart

CHIEF MAID,                                       Millie Bruce

CHIEF MAID,                                       Olivia Jack

LADY IN WAITING,                           Macy Brownlie

LADY IN WAITING,                           Charlotte Harding

CROWN,                                               Lucas Bruce

PAGE,                                                    Theo George Beattie

PAGE,                                                    Harvey Brown

YEOMAN,                                            Noah Baskerville

YEOMAN,                                            Charlie Grubb

Lanark Grammar School

1ST LORD,                                           Jamie Dickie

2ND LORD,                                          Christopher Waugh

CHAMPION,                                       Lewis Hannah

GUARD,                                                Alfie Donoghue

GUARD,                                                Gregor McFerran

GUARD,                                                Jack Carrington

GUARD,                                                Kyle Lumley

OUTRIDER,                                          Camron Barr

OUTRIDER,                                          Marky Ritchie

OUTRIDER,                                          Alex Orr

OUTRIDER,                                          Ben Parker

LADY IN WAITING,                           Lucy Barr

LADY IN WAITING,                           Louisa Wilson

LGS (formerly Lanark Primary)

LADY IN WAITING,                           Teagan Quigley

LADY IN WAITING,                           Sophie Rebecca Lockhart

LGS (formerly New Lanark)

LADY IN WAITING,                           Kelsey Simpson

LADY IN WAITING,                           Megan Gardiner

LGS (formerly Robert Owen)

LADY IN WAITING,                           Brook McMinn

LADY IN WAITING,                           Sophie Romer

LGS (formerly St Mary’s)

LADY IN WAITING,                           Iona Amelie Hynds

LADY IN WAITING,                           Shannon Davidson

Kirkfieldbank Primary School

LADY IN WAITING,                           Zoe Howat

LADY IN WAITING,                           Ariana Morgan Pate

PROCLAMATION BEARER,             Kayden Watson

SWORD BEARER,                               Gary Putman

New Lanark Primary School

LADY IN WAITING,                           Mia Jo Liddell

LADY IN WAITING,                           Evie Hardie

SCEPTRE BEARER,                             Kaiden mason

St Mary’s Primary School

LADY IN WAITING,                           Ava O’Donnell

LADY IN WAITING,                           Natalie Wilson

HERALD,                                               Calum McCulloch

HERALD,                                               Ross Neilson

Robert Owen Memorial Primary School

LADY IN WAITING,                           Rose MacDonald

LADY IN WAITING,                           Jantra Stella Wedlock

We would like to wish all members of our 2022 court and their family & friends a VERY happy Lanimers!The Lanimer Committee would like to thank all involved in todays selections, particularly the teachers and staff at our local schools.

We would also like to give a special thank you to all the you people of our community who put themselves forward for our 2022 court, you are ALL a credit to your schools and helped make the day run very smoothly!