Change of Dates for Lanark Lanimer Day Events for 2017

Due a General Election coinciding with the planned date for Lanimer Day, the Lanark Lanimer Committee met and voted to move all the events planned for 8 June 2017.

ALL PLANNED LANIMER DAY EVENTS including the Lanimer Procession, Crowning Ceremony, Afternoon Procession and Rideout, Castlebank Family Afternoon, The Declaration at the Cross and Evening Tattoo WILL NOW BE HELD ON FRIDAY 9 June 2017.

The Lanimer Queen’s Reception will remain on the evening of Friday the 9th June.

Events for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Saturday of Lanimer Week will take place on their usual day/evening in the timetable.

Children’s Treats and the Lowland Games will move to Thursday afternoon, and although not an official Lanimer event, we are delighted that ‘Funbox’ have also managed to rearrange their family concert for the Thursday morning before the treats.

The Lanimer Brochure will carry all details – and will be on sale towards the end of May.

Our website and our Facebook feed will keep you up to date with any emerging news.