Crowning Lady 2016 Selected

Julie Cox selected as Crowning Lady for 2016.

The Lanimer Committee is pleased to announce that Mrs Julie Cox will crown the Lanimer Queen-elect, Morgan Shillan, on Thursday 9 June 2016. She is a former pupil of Carstairs Primary School and Lanark Grammar School. Julie’s sons attended Lanark Primary School and Lanark Grammar School. She kept in touch with both schools, as a parent helper at Lanark Primary and as a (former) School Board member at Lanark Grammar.

Julie is married to Peter Cox and has two adult sons, Alan and Mark, who live at home. She has two part-time jobs, one of which is working with the District Nurses’ team at Biggar, Carnwath and Forth. She is also an out of hours clinical support worker based in Hamilton.

Locally Julie is probably best known for her commitment to the Pebble Patch Toddlers’ Group. She has been Chair of the team since its foundation twenty five years ago and continues to lead group. This is a voluntary, unpaid role which has seen many of our youngest Lanarkians through some of their earliest fun and informal learning experiences.

A mark of how much Julie enjoys her work with Pebble Patch is visible every year at Lanimer time when the parents, friends and toddlers take to the streets in the Lanimer Procession. It is now twenty one years since we first ‘met’ the group in Pooh’s Parade, a creative, innovative addition to the 1995 Lanimer Procession. Every year since then we have absorbed the enthusiasm of Pebble Patch as they transformed from Smurfs, to bees, through Bill and Ben to little mice and even the Night Garden. Their 2010 entry, Big Cook Little Cook, brought a touch of Masterchef to Lanark and who can forget that wonderful corgi taking the group for a Jubilee Walk in 2012.

2016 will be a special year for Julie whose Lanimer outfit will draw its own attention as she mounts the dais to crown Morgan. We often have to look twice to pick her out from behind her Lanimer costume. It’s easy to hide under a busby! While Pebble Patch takes its place in this year’s procession we shall have no trouble finding Julie this year. She will have her own, proud place, accompanied by her companion for the day, June Main, her friend and Pebble Patch partner.

As she prepares for her big day we wish Julie, Peter, Alan and Mark a wonderful Lanimer Week 2016 and congratulate Julie on achieving this honour which is so well-deserved.