Crowning Lady 2017 Selected

The Lanark Lanimer Committee is delighted to announce that this year’s Crowning Lady will be Mrs Jane Pillans.

Jane runs Fringes Hairdressers in Lanark High Street and is a well know Lanarkian for her involvement in our Lanark Lanimer Celebrations and for her involvement in St. Nicholas Church.

Jane was crowned Lanimer Queen in 1982 and is over the moon to have been selected as Crowning Lady for 2017. She is looking forward to celebrating Lanimer Week with husband Ex-Lord Cornet Stephen and daughter Alana.

As a life long member of the Lanimer Committee, Jane was the Convener of the Children’s Treats for a number or years and is currently the Vice Convener for the Lanimer Silver Club. For many years she assisted in putting out many spectacular Lanimer lorries with her mum and dad Beth and Harry Brown.

In the last few years, Jane has been a marshall in our Lanimer Day Procession – this year she will have the honour of Crowning Lanimer Queen Elect Niamh Jopp.

Congratulations Jane – we hope you have a wonderful time!

*** Photos courtesy of John Prior ***

Crowning Lady 2017 1
Crowning Lady 2017 2
Crowning Lady 2017 3
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