Lanark Trail Festival 2018

The 2018 Lanark Trail Festival took place at a wet Lanark Racecourse on Sunday 12th August.

The Lanark Lanimer Committee were once again delighted to support the event organised by South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture.

121 runners participated in the 10K Race, run over a course route featuring Lanark Loch, Lanark Moor Country Park and Lanark Racecourse.

Darran Muir was presented with the Glasgow Lanimer Cup after winning the 10K Male Race in a time of 37:06.

Rhona Moffat was presented with the Edinburgh Lanimer Cup after winning the 10K Female Race in a time of 43:39.

Chairman John Dickman was in attendance to present the prizes for the 10K event.


1. Darran Muir (37:06)
2. Brendan Forrester (37:27)
3. Robbie Barr (38:32)


1. Rhona Mowat (43:39)
2. Chloe Bose-Ward (45:06)
3. Sophie Mullins (45:31)

On the same day, 73 runners participated in the 5K Race, with Robbie Barr and Jessica Robson being presented with the Strachan Salvers for winning the Male and Female Races with times of 18:12 and 21:24 respectively.


1. Robbie Barr (18:12)
2. James Gillan (18:58)
3. Jonathan Kennedy (19:06)


1. Jessica Robson (21:24)
2. Jessie Gilchrist (23:17)
3. Rosina Graham (24:50)

A new event this year was a 1K Race, with 35 runners participating, with Jonathan Hunter winning the Male Race and Millie Gairn the Female Race.


1. Jonathan Hunter (04:25)
2. James Mowat (04:25)
3. John Frood (04:36)


1. Millie Gairn (04:40)
2. Joscelyn Kennedy (04:53)
3. Roxanne Hardie (05:01)

Duathlon events were also held, featuring cycling and running elements.

TriStars Start
1. Isla Cameron (13:42)

TriStars 1
1. Finlay Barr (11:07)

TriStars 2
1. Fraser Anderson (15:40)

TriStars 3
1. Sandy Barr (14:02)

Full results are available at

Results for the 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m Lanimer Junior Cup Races will be published soon.