Lanark Trail Festival

In partnership with South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture, the Lanark Lanimer Committee reintroduced presentation of the Glasgow and Edinburgh Lanimer Cups, and donated the Junior Lanimer Cups, as part of the Lanark Trail Festival held at Lanark Racecourse on Sunday 6th August.

The Glasgow Lanimer Cup was presented to Douglas Roberts, the Male Winner of the 10K Race, by Loraine Swan, the Chairperson of the Lanark Lanimer Committee.

The Edinburgh Lanimer Cup was presented to Joanne Clark, the Female Winner of the 10K Race, by Lord Cornet Iain Hughes.

The Junior Lanimer Cups were presented to the Male and Female Winners in the 800m Race by Lanimer Queen Niamh Jopp. The Male Winner was Sandy Barr, and the Female Winner was Florence Pendriech.

Races were also held over 50m for a Toddler Dash (Winner – Hamish Currie), 100m (Male – Michael Smith, Female – Olivia Wilson), 200m (Male – John Frood, Female – Neve Kemp) and 400m (Male – Harrison Pierce, Female – Chloe O’Neil).