Lanimer 2021 Events & The COVID 19 Pandemic

Thursday 21st January 2021


In November the Lanimer Committee committed to working hard to plan for a Lanimer celebration in 2021 within the conditions permitted around the COVID 19 virus restrictions and update the community in the New Year as to these plans.

The Lanimer General Committee met via Zoom on Wednesday 20th of January to discuss the planning for Lanimers 2021, where everyone present recognised the difficult period everyone in the community and ever business is going through in 2020 and 2021 and that people’s health and wellbeing are paramount at this time.

The Committee recognises that although progress with the vaccine is hopeful, conditions are very unlikely to have sufficiently improved and restrictions are unlikely to have been sufficiently lifted for a full public event and mass gathering such as Lanimer week and the procession to take place in June 2021.

Therefore it has been agreed to postpone the Lanimer procession and crowning until later in the year on Saturday 4th of September whereby a Crowning and if conditions allow a procession will take place.

The change of date allows three additional months for conditions to improve and it is hoped this will give the town a focus to celebrate coming out of COVID restrictions. Planning and  considerations to all factors will continue and the scale and type of event will be dictated by the conditions and what is appropriate closer to the time.

Lanimer week in June will still be celebrated with the Shifting of the Standard and installation of the Lord Cornet and this and any other events will comply with the permissions allowed at that time.

Further detailed events and activity will be considered in the coming months guided by our statutory partners and Government guidelines.        

The Lanimer Committee will be working hard over the next months to bring the community together to deliver a Lanimers and community celebration. This is our purpose on behalf of you all. A small army of volunteers works tirelessly to make this happen. As Lanimer Committee Chairman I am grateful to everyone for their efforts over many years, but particularly for their anticipated assistance and support for the Lanimers in 2021.

If your family, friends or you would like to volunteer their help, skills and/or time please:                 

or text/phone: 07772 352846  

and let us know how you would like to participate.

You can also support Lanimers 2021 fundraising by purchasing Silver Club tickets through or by contacting to become a Lanimer Patron.

The Lanimer Committee and Lord Cornets’ Club hopes you continue to stay safe.

Ex-Lord Cornet Kenny Lean, Chairman