Lanimer Brochure 2018

The Lanimer Brochure and Publicity team are compiling the 2018 edition of the Lanimer Brochure. This year’s edition promises to be bigger and better than ever!

An ever popular section of our annual brochure is where we present readers contributions of past Lanimer festivities – where we often receive a varied and colourful selection of photographic memories from our Facebook friends.

Do you have a photo of some special Lanimer Memories which you would like to share with us and see published in this year’s Lanimer Brochure?

If so – please email it to or send a message to our Facebook page.

We are looking for photos of ANYTHING to do with Lanimers, they can be of ANY age too; ALL contributions will be considered.

(Photo shown below from the Lanimers of 1916 – with the Nation in the midst of the Great war, a sombre yet patriotic mood prevailed in Lanark.)