Lanimer Court 2019 Selections

The Lanimer Committee is pleased to announce the full line up of the 2019 Lanimer Court as follows;

St Mary’s Primary School

Lanimer Queen Elect, Olivia Bell
Chief Maids, Aoife Hall
Chief Maid, Keira Wilson
Lady in Waiting, Rachel Matthew
Lady in Waiting, Katie Semple
Page, Shay Graham
Page, Finn McQuoney
Crown Bearer, Calum Hall
Proclamation Bearer, Mario Cucco

Robert Owen Memorial Primary School

Sword Bearer, Lewis Simpson
Lady in Waiting, Rebecca MacMillan
Lady in Waiting, Alishia Forgie

New Lanark Primary School

Yeoman, Ryan Gardiner
Yeoman, Harry Miller
Lady in Waiting, Aimee Seeley
Lady in Waiting, Skye Fordyce

Lanark Grammar School

Lady in Waiting, Carys Dickie
Lady in Waiting, Daisy May Stewart Brown
Champion, Jay Parker
1st Lord, Austyn Craig
2nd Lord, MacKenzie Curran
Outrider, Travis Horn
Outrider, Thomas Ratcliffe
Outrider, Aaron Millar
Outrider, Cameron Hunter

Lanark Primary School

Lady in Waiting, Eilidh Wallace
Lady in Waiting, Erin Trainor
Sceptre Bearer, Calum Jamieson
Herald, Ewan Dearden
Herald, Mark Young

Kirkfieldbank Primary School

Lady in Waiting, Emily Gordon
Lady in Waiting, Tia Gray

Stanmore House School

Flower Bearer, Beatrice Clark

A HUGE congratulations to all involved, we hope you all have a fantastic time and a very Happy Lanimers!

The Lanimer Committee and Lanimer Court Sub Committee would like to thank all of our local schools for their support and assistance in today’s selection process and to thank all the young people of our town for their help, support and enthusiasm today too!