Lanimer Court 2024

The first meeting of the Lanimer Court for 2024 took place on Friday night, where members and their families were provided with information by the Lanark Lanimer Committee and the Court Committee in particular.

Lord Cornet Elect Kevin McNally was also in attendance to extend his congratulations to all who had been selected, and he looked forward to getting to know them better over the next few months.

During the meeting the remaining roles for the P7 Boys were confirmed as follows:

Crown Bearer

  • Rhys Fraser (New Lanark Primary School)

Proclamation Bearer

  • Bobby Miller (Lanark Primary School)

Sceptre Bearer

  • Cole Shanks (New Lanark Primary School)

Sword Bearer

  • Alasdair Miller (Lanark Primary School)


  • Jay J Ballantyne (Lanark Primary School)
  • Kyle Bertram (Lanark Primary School)

Yeomen of the Guard

  • Daniel Kennedy (Robert Owen Memorial Primary School)
  • Jai McKnight (Robert Owen Memorial Primary School)


  • Tristan Kelly (St Mary’s Primary School)
  • Christopher Nickson (St Mary’s Primary School)