Lanimer Court Window Displays

Why not take advantage of the lovely weather this afternoon for a stroll around this year’s fabulous Lanimer Court shop window displays.

Dresses of various Ladies of the Court are now on display in and around the High Street and surrounding roads. Our Official portraits of the Lanimer Principals and Gentlemen of the Court are also on display too.

Here is a suggested route to make sure you don’t miss any of the displays;

Starting at JAN’s HAIRDRESSERS in the Wellgate heading towards the High Street stopping at GOLD N’ SILVER, turn left towards the Castlegate for HELEN R’S. Cross over to JACKS THE IRONMONGERS, then around the back of the church to ALJ (2 dresses).

Then up the High Street on the left side, first stop RE-STORE, then CURTAIN AND BLINDS, BROOKS, SOLELY TEMPTED, the former CHEQUE CENTRE (Principals Portraits), FLOWER OF SCOTLAND then onto M&CO (2 dresses). Moving on up the High Street stopping at ST ANDREWS shop then up into St Leonard Street to BOUTIQUE BABY, MEZZA HAIR (Gentlemen of the Court Portraits) then back down to the High Street to OXFAM for this year’s Lanimer Queen Elect Niamh.

The Lanimer Court and Publicity Sub Committees would like to give a massive thank you to all the shops who have given up their own displays for the week to help showcase this glamorous, traditional aspect of our Celebrations!