Lanimer Highland Dancing Championships

The Lanimer Highland Dancing Championships took place on Sunday 22nd May 2016 in Lanark Grammar School, Kirklands Road, Lanark. Over 150 competitors took part from all over the UK and Ireland. Miss Celia Orr, the event organiser, was delighted with the turn out and thanks Mrs Margaret Todd and Mrs May Martin for presenting the medals in the morning session and Mrs Loraine Swan, Chairman of the Lanimer Committee, for presenting the trophies in both sessions. Miss Orr thanks everyone who helped make the day such a success. The winners are as follows:

Highland Dancing 2016_1

Lanimer Championship 2016 Clydesdale Local

Lucy Stewart, Lanark.

Lanimer Championship 2016 Clydesdale Local

Joanne Hall, Thankerton.

Lanimer Championship Lanarkshire/Local

Charlotte Simpson, Motherwell.

Highland Dancing 2016_2

Lanimer Open Championships 2016

7yrs & under 10yrs

1st Lucy Ellie Forrest, Falkirk.
2nd Ruby Baillie, Forfar.
3rd Eilidh Gammons, Helensburgh.
4th Ruby O’Hagan, Johnstone.
5th Harriette Waddell, Forfar.
6th Hollee Carmichael, Dumbarton.

10yrs & Under 12yrs

1st Charlotte Simpson, Motherwell.
2nd Hannah Innes, Edinburgh.
3rd Hannah Butchart, Stonehaven.
4th Christy Graham, Dundee.
5th Zoe Colraine, Bonhill.
6th Zoe Bruce, Kirriemuir.

12yrs & Under 14yrs

1st Brogan Martin, Huntly.
2nd Olivia Waddell, Forfar.
3rd Jaden Lenny, Glenrothes.
4th Connor Woodcock, Forfar.
5th Louise Scoular, Blackburn.
6th Leaha Batchelar, Linlithgow.

14yrs & Under 16yrs

1st Michelle Gordon, Huntly.
2nd Amber Donaldson, Kirriemuir.
3rd Louise Barton, Ciarneyhill.
4th Jessica Baillie, Forfar.
5th Cerys Jones, Dunfermline.
6th Cameron Walker, Denny.

16yrs & Under 18yrs

1st Holly Donaldson, Kirriemuir.
2nd Finley Duncan, Banff.
3rd Jessica Morrison, Fraserburgh.
4th Melissa Fyfe, Inverness.
5th Rhiannon Charles, Helensburgh.
6th Hollie Mills, Whitley Bay.

18yrs & Over

1st Candice Walker, Leslie.
2nd Ellis Hayes, Newtonstewart.
3rd Liam Elphick, Dundee.
4th Kirstin Stewart, Leven.
5th Kirstin Kirkland, Coylton.
6th Michelle Johnston, Belfast.

Lanarkshire Closed Championship 7yrs & Under 12yrs

1st Charlotte Simpson, Motherwell.
2nd Katy Stewart, Lanark.
3rd Kayleigh Robertson, Hamilton.
4th Lucy Stewart, Lanark.
5th Amelia Barton, Lanark.
6th Kenzie McMillan, Carluke.

Lanarkshire Closed Championship 12yrs & Under 16yrs

1st Robyn McMillan, Forth.
2nd Amy Jane McLeod,Wishaw.
3rd Sarah Adamson, Motherwell.
4th Chelsea Stewart Gordon, Carluke.
5th Mary McColl, Lesmahagow.
6th Anna Ewing, Carluke.

Lanarkshire Closed Championship 16yrs and Over

1st Holly Dawson, Larkhall.
2nd Tess Bell, Lesmahagow.
3rd Joanne Hall, Thankerton.
4th Laura Morris, Hamilton.
5th Lauren Stewart, Lanark.
6th Jennifer Henderson, Carstairs Junction.