Lanimers 2018 – A message of thanks!


Photo courtesy of Deejay Neilson photography

Lanark Lanimer Committee and its Chairman,  Ex-Lord Cornet John Dickman, thank everyone involved in helping to maintain the traditions of Lanimer Week. We congratulate Lord Cornet Gary Winnng, Lanimer Queen Anna Martin, Crowning Lady Miss Lea Barrie and Sashing Lady Mrs Margo Murdoch for the dignity, composure and enthusiasm with which they carried out their duties, bathed in sunshine throughout the week.

Lord Lieutenant Lady Susan Haughey joined us on Lanimer Day and we welcomed Depute Lieutenant Millar Stoddart for the Kirkin’ of the Lord Cornet-elect and the Marches and Shifting of the Standard ceremony, which introduced our new Burgh Standard.    

The Lord Cornets’ Equestrian Processions, visiting dignitaries, Lanimer Procession entrants, Lanimer Court and Bands demonstrated their commitment to Lanimer Week. Lanimer Day was a true spectacle. We are grateful for the support of South Lanarkshire Council, led by Provost Ian McAllan. Local Land Services staff at Caldwellside, and Roads and Transport were outstanding throughout the week, ensuring the safety of all taking part and smooth movement of all processions. 

Police Scotland, including the Mounted Branch, served us well, and patiently. The assistance and guidance of all these officers is much appreciated by all of us. We also thank members of St Andrews First Aid who support us in impressive numbers, and had a busy Lanimer Day helping those overcome with the heat of the day.

Lanark Rugby Club provided support, stewarding on the Perambulation route.  Celia Orr’s dancers gave us another spectacular display at Lanark Cross with the backdrop of sunny skies on a warm Monday evening. We are grateful to Lanark Floral Art Club members who prepared the beautiful bouquets for the Court Ladies and donated the Lanimer Queen’s headdress. Shopkeepers, residents and court families provided added colour by decorating homes, shops and gardens in good numbers this year.

The Lanimer Committee is grateful to be able to call on local businesses and organisations. Special thanks go to McKellar’s, Jewellers for their donation of the Lanimer Queen’s watch; to Ross of Lanark for access to their yard for procession assemblies. Morrison’s, who provided a much-needed water stop for the Lanimer procession, and made contributions to other events. Tesco gave generous support to the Friday children’s events and B&M donated water for all the Reception participants. Local businesses afforded premises for building Lanimer entries, or display of court dresses, while others contributed through advertising in the Lanimer brochure, and selling brochures. The Lanimer committee thanks you all sincerely.

We are indebted to the landowners within whose properties and policies our March Stones sit; their permission allowing us to follow tradition, unbroken since 1140AD, to check Lanark’s boundaries. We depend on the courtesy of the public, young and old, to proceed in a courteous manner through these properties. 1552 perambulated the long-established route on the Monday evening.

Our Critic this year is Ms Helen McCall, a former Sashing lady. We await with anticipation her views on our Lanimer celebrations. Young Farmers and our official mascots shook buckets to encourage contributions to the Official Collections, raising £2266.25.  Thanks go to everyone who contributed, and to the loyal supporters of the Silver Club, Patrons Scheme and the Lanimer Brochure. It all goes to help 2019 Lanimer Funds. The New Lanark Village Group hosted at New Lanark, and presented the Loving Cup to the Lanimer Queen-elect. The Lord Cornets’ Club is always grateful for their support during the official Tuesday evening Rideout. The Air Cadets turned out smartly in the Lanimer Procession, on several official duties. The Tolbooth Trust mounted a Lanimer-themed exhibit which was much appreciated by all. We thank the above-mentioned for their valued contributions, services and generous support provided throughout Lanimer Week.

As we begin to plan for 2019 we wish Lord Cornet Gary Winning and Lanimer Queen Anna Martin a happy and well-deserved year in their roles. To all acknowledged above, to anyone we may have missed, inadvertently, and to everyone else who shared the sunshine-drenched spectacle that was Lanimer Week 2018, we say, ‘Thank You’, once again – and ask only that you put in your diary the week surrounding Thursday 6 June 2019, for another spectacular Lanimer celebration.         

Molly Cumming, Honorary Secretary                           

Photo courtesy of Deejay Neilson photography