Lanimers 2019 – A Message of Thanks

Dear Editor,

Lanark Lanimer Committee and its Chairperson, Mr John Dickman thank everyone involved in this year’s Lanimer celebrations, particularly Lord Cornet Ian Douglas, Lanimer Queen Olivia Bell, Crowning Lady Mrs Fiona Cross and Sashing Lady Vicki Gault, all of whom carried out their duties with the dignity. We were delighted also to have excellent representation from the Lord Lieutenant and her staff . Our entrants gave us another outstanding Lanimer Procession, with the Lanimer Court showing dignity and elegance and the bands providing excellent performances.

SLC’s Land Services and Roads and Transport Department staff worked through all weathers thrown at them to ensure sterling service throughout the week. Police Scotland, including the Mounted Branch, was a welcome feature during the week. Under the guidance of Inspector Ross McCallum the handling of the safety of all attending the week’s celebrations was paramount yet relatively unobtrusive. St Andrews First Aid and the Red Cross provided reassuring support, and provided help for the few, thankfully minor, incidents for which their expertise was required.

Celia Orr’s dancers braved some horrendous weather to present their skilful routines for Monday evening’s crowd prior to the evening’s main ceremony. The arrival of all those who had braved the torrential rain which followed them round the Marches was true testament to the stalwart tradition of Lanark to meet its annual historical commitment. Somehow, the rain held off through the ceremony, as the Chair of the Lanimer Committee confirming Ian Douglas as Lord Cornet for 2019.

The expertise of Lanark Floral Art Club was on show through the bouquets for the Court ladies. Shopkeepers, residents and court families provided added colour by decorating houses, shops and gardens, for competition or simply for that Lanimer ambience.

Special thanks go to McKellar’s, Jewellers, for their gift to the Lanimer Queen; to Ross of Lanark for use of their facilities prior to processions and for use of tractors on Lanimer Day. Morrison’s provided great support with its water stop for everyone in the procession, with Bake ‘n’ Butty backing up that service to the procession. Tesco and Tariq, provided drinks and snacks for the children’s Friday afternoon events. The generosity of businesses supporting the building of Lanimer entries, displaying court dresses, advertising in the Lanimer brochure, and selling brochures, draws together this list of generous support throughout our celebrations. Special thanks, this year, go to Mrs Margaret Hodge and Mrs Jean Gagnon (Ontario) for their amazing donation of a new ‘Lanimer Carpet’ for the Crowning ceremony at the Cross, in memory of their mother the late Mrs Christina Findlater.

The Lanimer Committee is indebted to the landowners within whose properties and policies our March Stones sit, allowing us to make our annual boundary check, unbroken since 1140AD. Just over 950 braved the full perambulation route in sometimes torrential rain.

Ms Helen McCall joined us again as our official Critic. We look forward to her observations. The Official Collections raised just under £2000, adding to the generous support of supporters of the Silver Club, Patrons Scheme and the Lanimer Brochure, all proceeds of which will go to Lanimer Funds for 2020. The New Lanark Village Group hosted the Official Rideout stop, presenting the Loving Cup to the Lanimer Queen-elect on another evening of torrential rain, with the horse chases cancelled.The Air Cadets turned out smartly for all their duties in the Lanimer Procession. We thank them – and all of the above-mentioned – for their valued contributions, services and generous support provided throughout Lanimer Week.

As we begin to plan for 2020 we wish our principals a well-deserved year in their historic roles. To all acknowledged above, and to anyone we may have missed, inadvertently, we say, ‘Thank You’, once again – and invite you to put in your diary the week surrounding Thursday 11 June 2020, for another spectacular Lanimer celebration, and in the hope of kinder weather…

Molly Cumming, Honorary Secretary