Lord Cornet Elect 2017 Selected

The Lanark Lanimer Committee and The Lord Cornets’ Club are delighted to announce that Iain Hughes has been selected as the Lord Cornet Elect for 2017.

LCE Selection 2017 A

Loraine Swan, Chairperson of the Lanark Lanimer Committee, and Iain Hughes, Lord Cornet Elect 2017

The Selection Committee met on Saturday to make their decision, and was made up of five representatives from the Lanark Lanimer Committee, the Lord Cornets’ Club, the Royal Burgh of Lanark Community Council, the Guildry of Lanark and South Lanarkshire Council.

Iain, (38) has lived in Lanark all his life and is a Detective Constable with Police Scotland.

Iain is well known about the town and is a key member of Lanark Rugby Club of which he is currently President. Iain is a strong supporter of the Lanimers and has for years assisted in the Stewarding of the Marches and the helping at the Lanimer Lowland Games. Iain was also awarded a Burgess ticket last year for his contribution to the community.

Married to Suzanne, their family is completed with baby Noah, born only last month, and Iain’s best friend, Carter the dog.

LCE Selection 2017 B

Kenny Lean (Lord Cornets’ Club), Loraine Swan (Lanark Lanimer Committee), Iain Hughes (Lord Cornet Elect 2017), Frank Gunning (Royal Burgh of Lanark Community Council), Scott Blacklaw (Guildry of Lanark)

Iain will be installed as Lord Cornet during the Shifting of the Burgh Standard Ceremony, following the Perambulation of the Marches, on Monday 5th June.

Lanimer Week 2017 runs from Sunday 4th June until Saturday 10th June.

The Lanark Lanimer Committee and The Lord Cornets’ Club and the would like to wish Iain and his family all the best for the coming year and hope they have an extra special Happy Lanimers!!!