Lord Cornet Elect 2019 Selected

The Lanark Lanimer Committee and The Lord Cornets’ Club are delighted to announce that following a meeting of the selection panel the Lord Cornet Elect for 2019 will be Ian Douglas

Ian is well know around Lanark and is a keen horseman, having taken part in numerous common rides throughout his life. He is a keen supporter of Lanimers and has ridden in many Lanimer Day processions and ride outs.

Ian was a key force in the reinstatement of the Edinburgh Riding of the Marches and was The Edinburgh Captain in 2009.

Ian is a member of the Lanark Lanimer Committee and is currently the Vice Convener for the Marches – an event this year which he will have a very different involvement with!

In 2015, Ian formed the Lanark Riding Association – a group with the main aim of growing participation in equestrian events within the town.

Ian grew up in Lanark and attended Lanark Grammar School.

Ian is married to Michelle and they have a daughter, Erin. Ian is truly honoured to be elected as our Standard Bearer for 2019.

The Lanark Lanimer Committee and The Lord Cornets’ Club would like to wish Ian and his family all the very best for their busy year ahead.

Congratulations Ian & Happy Lanimers 2019!

(Photographs courtesy of John Prior)