The Lord Cornets’ Club – Lanimer Week 2016

The Lord Cornets’ Club have now finalised their arrangements for Lanimer Week 2016, which runs from Sunday 5th June until Saturday 11th June 2016.

Sunday 5th June

The first event of the week is the Kirkin’ of the Lord Cornet Elect Service. The Members of The Lord Cornets’ Club, representatives of various organisations, and other invited guests, will process from the Lanark Memorial Hall at 11:40am. The service, which is open to all, takes place in St Nicholas Parish Church at 12 noon, and the service this year will be led by Rev Susan Durham from the EU Congregational Church, the Chaplain of The Lord Cornets’ Club, and also involve the clergy and representatives from the other congregations within Lanark. Following the service, the procession will proceed to the Sheriff Court in Hope Street, where the Annual Club Photograph will take place.

Monday 6th June

Arguably the most important events of Lanimer Week for The Lord Cornets’ Club, take place on Monday, with the Perambulation of the Marches and the Shifting of the Standard Ceremony. Members of The Lord Cornets’ Club will leave from the Lindsay Institute in Hope Street at 4:15pm to collect Lord Cornet Elect Gordon Jess from his residence in Greenlady Walk. At 6:00pm, the Lord Cornet, Lord Cornet Elect, Members and the community, will leave from Hope Street to inspect March Stones at Woodend, Glenburnie, Jerviswood, Oakwood, Leechford, and the River Mouse. The equestrian procession will leave St Leonard Street at 8:00pm and make its way to The Cross.

The Shifting of the Standard Ceremony takes place at The Cross at 8:15pm, where Lord Cornet Gordon Gray will return the Burgh Standard at the end of his year in office, and Gordon Jess will be installed as the Lord Cornet for 2016 by Chairperson of the Lanark Lanimer Committee, Mrs Loraine Swan. The Lord Cornet will be presented with his Sash by Mrs Grace Abernethy, and his Gold Badge by Mrs Jane Smith. The Ceremony concludes with the singing of Scots Wha Hae, after which the Lord Cornet is holding his Reception in St Nicholas Church Hall.

Tuesday 8th June

The Official Ride Out departs from Delves Park at 4:25pm and, after the Safe Oot Safe In from the Chairperson of the Lanark Lanimer Committee, the Ride Out leaves The Cross at 4:30pm. The Ride Out then makes its way via the High Street, South Vennel, Delves Road, Delves Park, Castlegate, St Patrick’s Road, Clydesholm Braes, Sewage Works Road, Kirkfieldbank Brae and Mousemill Road. The Ride Out then proceeds to Nemphlar, Rothesbank, Lockhartbank, Lee Castle East Gate Lodge and Sorisdale, where the Lord Cornet will inspect the March Stone in the River Mouse.

After returning to Delves Park, the riders continue to Delves Road, Wellgatehead, Braxfield Road, Bonnington Mains, Robiesland, and the Lady Mark. Prior to the Beeches, the ride will make its way through the fields to Hyndford Road, where the Lord Cornet will inspect the two reinstated March Stones. The Front Party will then cross into the Loch Car Park and proceed along the track, into the Golf Club Car Park to take the Toast, thereafter making their way through the path towards the Country Park Car Park. Meantime, the remainder of the ride will turn right on Hyndford Road and proceed directly to the Country Park Car Park.

The Horse Chases will then be held at Lanark Racecourse, with the Pony Chase, Mary McNeill Chase, Metex Trophy, Cornets’ Chase and the Burgh Spurs.

After the conclusion of the Horse Chases, the whole ride will proceed onto Hyndford Road, Robiesland Road, the Lady Mary and continuing to New Lanark arriving at approximately 8:00pm. There the New Lanark Village Group will present the Loving Cup to Morgan Shillan, the Lanimer Queen Elect, and the prizes for the Horse Chases will also be presented. From New Lanark, the riders conclude the Ride Out via Braxfield Lodge, Braxfield, and Hollow Park returning to Delves Park.

Thursday 9th June

After collecting their horses from Delves Park, the Members of The Lord Cornets’ Club, Visiting Principals and Other Invited Riders, will make their way at 8:00am to collect Lord Cornet Gordon Jess from Greenlady Walk, and then proceed to the Lanark Memorial Hall for the Safe Oot Safe In from the Provost of South Lanarkshire Council. The Lord Cornet will then lead the Morning Procession which starts from St Leonard Street at 10:00am, and concludes with the Crowning of the Lanimer Queen at approximately 11:30am.

After Lunch in Greyfriars Church Hall, the Afternoon Procession departs from Ladyacre Road at 1:40pm and proceeds to Castlebank Park via Bannatyne Street, High Street and Castlegate. At Delves Park, the riding members will then commence the Afternoon Ride Out, which starts towards Leechford via Delves Park, Friars Lane, Hope Street, Cleghorn Road, Bellefield Road and Oakwood Nursery. From Leechford, the riders make their way through the fields to Cleghorn Road, then to Stanmore and through the fields to Carstairs Road. Into Symllum Lane and past Smyllum House, the ride continues along Whitelees Road, through Lanark Golf Club, up the Sandy Brae to Lanark Racecourse. From there, the route continues onto Hyndford Road, Hyndford Crescent, through the fields to the old pumping station, to the rear of the quarry, and back to the Racecourse. From the Racecourse, the ride moves along Hyndford Road into Robiesland Road, the Lady Mary and the Beeches.

The Evening Procession to The Cross leaves Ladyacre Road at 5:15pm, and makes its way along Bannatyne Street, High Street to The Cross, where the Lord Cornet will make his Declaration to the Chairperson of the Lanark Lanimer Committee. After the singing of God Save the Queen, the Front Party will remount, and the riders will return the Lord Cornet to his home in Greenlady Walk.

Saturday 11th June

The final event for The Lord Cornets’ Club of Lanimer Week will be the Lanimer Ball, which will once again be held at Lanark Agricultural Centre. With over 300 in attendance, Lord Cornet Gordon Jess will escort Lanimer Queen Morgan Shillan to the Lanimer Ball, and they will lead the dancing to local band Losferwords.