Lanimer Equestrian Events 2019 Registration

To ensure that the Lord Cornets’ Club can effectively manage the safety of all riders during the 2019 Lanimer Week Equestrian Events – it is a mandatory requirement that ALL riders are registered with the Club and that they hold adequate riders insurance for the various events.

Registration is FREE via the online form below. Please ensure that all fields are completed prior to submission.

A route map of the Official Lanimer Ride out is available here.

A route map of the Lord Cornet’s Lanimer Day Afternoon Ride out is available here. 

All riders participating in our equestrian events must read and be familiar with our risk assessment summary, which is available here.

The deadline for registrations is Sunday 26th May

Please note that NO registrations will be accepted after this date.

The Rothesbank to Lee Castle Lodge Canter – Lanimer Rideout 2018. Photo courtesy of John Durham




Lanimer Equestrian Events 2019 (Please select)

I confirm I have read and accepted the Lord Cornets' Club Risk Assessment for the above Equestrian activities and that I will abide by the ride Code of Conduct, including the dress code. I confirm that I am in good health and I am a suitably competent rider to take part in the above activities

Safe Oot, Safe In!  

From all of the Members of the Lord Cornets’ Club and Lanimer Committee